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One Blade Ahead
We invented the disposable straight razor for barber shops and hair salons in 1993, and continue to design and manufacture modern disposable razors with improved hygiene and safety. 100% hygienic and hassle-free.
Over 300 million RAZORAID sold and used by barbers and hair dressers worldwide

Our professional high-performance blades provide both barbers and customers with a smooth, hassle-free and hygienic haircutting experience

Ergonomic Design 
Safety guard
IR innovation disposable razor
Professional stainless steel, diamond edge blade

Rigid handle

Low profile head for the desired cutting angle
 Ergonomic design
Ir innovation disposable razor best performance
Global Distribution
We believe in forging strong relationships with our distributors in the long-term and are looking forward to working together with you.
Our Story
In 1993, we launched the RAZORAID in Israel as the first fully disposable straight razor, which has subsequently revolutionized the hairdressing industry.

Back then, there were huge concerns about infectious diseases like HIV. With the RAZORAID we developed a solution for hair professionals to address health related concerns and to help contain the spreading of hepatitis, skin and other infectious diseases.

The RAZORAID now gives barbers, hair salons, and their customers alike the peace of mind and safety they need on a daily basis in their job.
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