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Our Story

In 1993, IR introduced an original disposable straight razor that revolutionized the hairdressing industry, which, in Israel, was originally named RAZEORAID'S ®. At a time of rising concerns about infectious diseases, it addressed critical health related issues. The product gives hair professionals and their customers alike the hygiene and safety they desperately need.


The traditional fiddly double-edged blade was blamed for accidental cuts that put the barbers and their clients at serious health risk. Barbers were craving for something easy and safe, so the RAZEORAID'S fits the bill. The product quickly gained loyal customers who embraced our high-quality disposable razor for all their styling needs.


Today, hundreds of millions of our razors are used by many thousands of barbers in

three continents. Professionals value the ease of use and the risk-free handling of our disposable razor, replacing the need to load new blades. And their clients feel comfortable, knowing their hair professional values highest hygiene standards by using a new, clean blade each and every visit.


Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Israel by a dedicated team. 

We use high-quality materials and specialized machinery to perfect the blade’s performance and work closely with professionals to ensure the best fit to their needs. We believe that customers being loyal to us for over two decades is a reflection of high added-value and top quality.


We intend to give hair professionals and their customers a comprehensive and beneficial hygiene solution for straight razors - with a compelling value proposition for our distributors.


Our management takes pride in giving back to the community and is committed to employing team members with disabilities on an ongoing basis.

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