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Our Products

fully disposable razor

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Aluminum Straight Razor

for disposable head


Traditional handle RAZORAID

with disposable razor head

100% hygienic and hassle-free

Smart 2-step operation

Single use, recyclable

High-tech blade 

Safe to use


Two designs for every taste

Safety First

At IR, we know that the primary concern for hair professionals when working with razor blades is safety. The smallest cut or nick can dramatically increase the risk of infection to you and your clients, not to mention the annoyance of working with a wound.


We replaced antiquated straight razor blade systems that are prone

to accidents and that require unreliable disinfecting solutions with a simple,

efficient, and 100% safe disposable razor that takes any worries away.


  • No more breaking blades

  • No need to re-use blades

  • No infections from skin diseases

Saves Time and Costs

RAZORAID’s strength comes from its simplicity of design. Just remove the safety guard and you are ready to go. After use, simply dispose the razor head and move on to the next client. No time is lost fiddling with disinfection and cleaning. This quick and easy approach saves you prep time, so you can use it to service more clients and ultimately be more efficient and profitable.


Forget about breaking blades, and about fixing, removing, sterilizing and disinfecting razors. Use the RAZORAID in two steps:

  1. The box comes with a special quick-pull opening, allowing you to safely draw a new razor in a second. Then simply remove the safety latch and voilà - you've become the fastest gun in the city.

  2. After use, dispose the razor and proceed to the next customer in the chair.

Precision Blade

As a great razor, we know we need a precision blade. Our razors have state of the art blades that are quality inspected to ensure they meet our high production standards.


Our vision is to continue creating modern, hygienic razor solutions that every barber will be proud to hold and use.

Creating great blades would not have been possible without our dedicated in-house engineering team. Our stainless steel razors receive professional and careful examination, in order to make sure that every single blade meets our standards: perfectly symmetrical, no scratches, no defects and deformations.

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